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ZDGK-632/QC11K-6x3200 General Model Hydraulic Guillotine Shear for Metal Sheet Cutting

ZDG-632 Guillotine Type Hydraulic Plate Shearing Machine (QC11K-6x3200)

The model of this hydraulic guillotine shearing machine is ZDGK-632 (QC11K-6x3200),it can cut 6mm thickness and 3200mm length carbon steel plate.Steel welded structure with stress-free;three guide trolleys enable accurate movement and fine shearing results;adjustable rake angle to minimize deformation of sheared plate;both upper blade and lower blade has 4 cutting edge for long lifespan of using.

ZDGK-632 show photo.jpg


● Steel welded structure with stress-free.

● Three guide trolleys enable accurate movement and fine shearing results.

● Adjustable rake angle to minimize deformation of sheared plate.

● Swing away backgauge function for cutting longer sheets.

● Both upper blade and lower blade has 4 cutting edge for long lifespan of using.

● With MD11 simple CNC controller,to improve the shear performance.


● Rear view of ZDGK-632 hydraulic guillotine shear machine.

ZDGK-632 rear view_副本.jpg

● E200PS advanced CNC controller for ZDGK-632.

ZDGK-632 e200ps.jpg

● Nitrogen return device,with strong power and quick return speed.

● Blade clearance adjusting device,on front of the machine frame,it can show the scale,with easy adjustment.

ZDGK-632 gap wheel.jpg

● Ball worktable can reduce the sheet metal friction from the workbench to reduce working intensity;Penetrant guard fence around the shear,not only protect the safety of operator but also allow to observe the shearing position.

ZDGK-632 ball feeding.jpg

● High quality electrics,with stable quality and long lifespan.

ZDGK-632 electrics.jpg

● Rexroth(optional) high quality hydraulic system,high pressure resistant and good performance.

ZDGK-632 rexroth hydraulics.jpg


● Back gauge with buffer device,it can effective keep the parallelism of backgauge beam.

ZDGK-632 back gauge.jpg

● Backgauge driving structure,with powerful torque.

● Well-known brand motor and good quality oil pump,with strong force and low noise.

● Full-metal pipeline for hydraulic oil,nonexpansion when high temperature,can guarantee precision for long time.

● Guillotine type knife base structure ensures blades going up and down by vertical movement and the machine bearing with small stress and wear-free. Hence the guillotine shear can accurate control blade clearance for long time and can adjust the shearing angle.

ZDG-832 detail photo 9_副本.jpg

● Optional accessories (extra cost required)

*CNC controller (working together with servo system)

* Sumitomo pump (Japan brand)

* Rexroth hydraulics or Atos brand

* Schneider eletrics

* Siemens motor

general shear options 5.jpg

* Light curtain for protecting personal (installation of this device at rear or at worktable are both available)

general shear options 6_副本.jpg







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