ZDPK-4015 (WC67K-40/1500) Mini CNC Press Brake

This press brake machine with E300 CNC controller (Upgraded of E210),E300 CNC controller in accordance with E210 CNC controller of stable and reliable performance,with more advanced technology,optimization of the operation interface,to improve the customer operating convenience.Precise point of programming calculation function,built-in mold base and material list,improve the angle calculation accuracy.The model of this cnc press brake is ZDPK-4015 (WC67K-40/1500),ensuring bending of various small parts.



● Total steel-welded structure and stress elimination by vibration.

● High mechanical strength and strong rigidity.

● Ram stroke hydraulic approaching downward,stable and reliable.

● Mechanical stop and steel torsion bar to maintain synchronization and high precision.

● Movement of backgauge and ram stroke is servo controlled by E300 CNC system.

● The function of angle programming of E300 will bring high bending efficiency.

● X axis is controlled by servo motor,with strong synchronous belt,with high control accuracy,fast positioning and low noise.

● The backgauge installed with ball screw and linear rail,with high repetition accuracy and low maintenance.

● Vertial movable stop fingers,they can not only slide on linear rail but also go up or down if needed,adapt to different moulds.

● With high-precision cnc moulds/dies and quick clamps,it will be more accurate and durable when bending plates,high efficiency when removing and changing upper punch tools.

● With France Schneider electrics,stable and durable.

● With double front holder,can move horizontal.

● With imported hydraulic system,stable and high precision when persistent working.


● Rear view of ZDPK-4015 mini cnc press brake.


● E300 CNC controller for ZDPK-4015 mini cnc press brake.


● High precision quick clamps,it is for easy operation of removing and changing upper punch tools.


● With France Schneider electrics,stable and durable.



● Domestic top brand motor and pump,with strong force and low noise.


● With good quality hydraulic valve,stable and durable.


● Thicker type backgauge structure,adjustable stop fingers,they can not only slide on linear rail but also go up or down if needed,adapt to different moulds.


● Domestic top brand Harbin bearing,with high quality.


● With Y axis servo positioning function,it can accurate and effective improve Y axis accuracy and working efficiency.







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