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ZDS-2032 (QC12Y-20X3200) Plate Sheet Shearing Machine

The model of this plate sheet shearing machine is ZDS-2032 (QC12Y-20X3200),the maximum cutting thickness is 20mm and the maximum cutting length is 3200mm;E21S as the simple CNC controller,it can control the movement of backgauge,achieving efficient and highly precise positioning.


● Steel plate welded structure,hydraulic transmission and accumulator return strock.

● Characterized by easy operation,reliable performance and fine appearance.

● Indicator based gap adjustment of blades,convenient and swift.

● Shadow light alignment.

● Top blade could be adjusted for full stroke or shorter ones.

● Fence guard for personnel safety.

● E21S as the simple CNC controller,it can control the movement of backgauge,achieving efficient and highly precise positioning.

● E21S simple CNC controller for ZDS-2032 hydraulic shearing machine.


● Rear view of ZDS-2032 hydraulic shearing machine.


● Top brand main motor,with strong power.


● Manual adjustment of blade clearance device,with high precision.


● Domestic high quality hydraulic valve,no oil leakage and fault,it can show the oil pressure in time,and it use full-metal high-pressure tube connection,ensure the quality.


● Penetration guard fence around the shear,not only protect the safety of operator but also observe the shearing position.


● Ball worktable can reduce the sheet metal contact with the workbench,reduce working intensity;Using high quality holding-down clamps.


● Shanghai good quality blades,with long lifespan.


● Good quality electrics,with Taiwan frequency inverter drive,accurate control,stable,durable and long lifespan.


● Domestic high quality bearing,wearproof and long operation life.


● Using high quality holding-down clamps.


● Backgauge AC motor together with reducer,little fault and fast speed.


● Bite type tube fittings is used to avoid disadvantages of uneasy maintenance etc that caused by welding.


● Emergency stop button on the back of the shear machine,to protect the personnel safety.


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