ZDSK-1632 (QC12K-16X3200) E200PS Hydraulic CNC Shearing Machine

The model of this hydraulic cnc shearing machine is ZDSK-1632 (QC12K-16X3200),The maximum cutting thickness of mild steel is 12mm,the maximum cutting length is 3200mm;E200PS CNC system brings the cutting solution with quick speed and fine accuracy,while with reliability and great cost performance.


● Hydraulic transmission,swing blade holder.

● Strong and durable integral welded frame.

● Stable and rapid return stroke of oil cylinder by accumulator.

● Adjustable (full/shorter) stroke

● Hand-wheel adjustment of gap between the upper and lower blades.

● Computer numerical control system and position coder form a closed ring control system.

● The control system ensures great speed,high accuracy and good stability.

● E200PS CNC controller for ZDSK-1632 hydraulic cnc swing beam shear.


● Rear view for ZDSK-1632 hydraulic cnc swing beam shear.


● Using good quality electrics,with servo motor drive,accurate control,stable and durable.


● Ball worktable can reduce the sheet metal contact with the workbench,reduce working intensity;Using high quality holding-down clamps.


● Indicator-based adjustment of blades clearance is easy,convenient and swift.


● Emergency stop button on the back of the shear machine,to protect the personnel safety.


● Domestic high quality bearing,wearproof and long operation lifespan.


● Bite type tube fittings is used to avoid disadvantages of uneasy maintenance etc that caused by welding.


● Shanghai good quality blades,with long lifespan.


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