WC67Y-100/3200 (ZDP-10032) E21 Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine

The model of ZDMT hydraulic plate bending machine is ZDP-10032 (WC67Y-100/3200),as the simple CNC controller,it can control the movement of backgauge,achieving efficient and highly precise positioning;Integrated hydraulic system with hydraulic elements and sealing parts from reputable manufacturers to reduce hydraulic tubes and ensure highly reliable and sage performance.

● Total steel welded structure and stress elimination by vibration.

● High mechanical strength and strong rigidity.

● Ram stroke hydraulic approaching downward,stable and reliable.

● E21 can control the movement of ram stroke and backgauge,achieving efficient and highly precise positioning.

● Wedge compensation on top punch clamping.

● Simplified top blades clamping with micro-adjustment wedges,for easy operation and high precision.

● 2 Sliding front sheet support arms mounted onto T slot of the bed.

● Segmented 88° top blade. 

● Solid one block four face multi V die.

● Approved stable and reliable hydraulics.

● Stop fingers with milscale for plate bending machine.

● Front view of ZDP-10032 hydraulic plate bending machine.

● Rear view of ZDP-10032 hydraulic plate bending machine.

● E21 simple CNC controller for ZDP-10032 hydraulic plate bending machine.

● Standard multiple V moulds/dies for ZDP-10032,with multi-function.

● ZDP-10032 with hardening and high strength stop fingers,inverted triangle and locking device.

● ZDP-10032 with high precision X axis structure,installed with ball screw for high precision.

● ZDP-10032 with high quality hydraulic system,stable and durable.

● Engineering switch,with long stroke control.

● Domestic good quality electrics are adopted for reliability and longer lifespan.

● ZDP-10032 with full-metal pipe shroud connection,nonexpansion when high temperature,can guarantee precision for long time.

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