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Steel Press Bending Machine

The model of this steel press bending machine is ZDP-12540 ( WC67Y-125/4000 ),With E21 NC controller,E21 can control the movement of ram stroke and backgauge,achieving efficient and highly precise positioning;Segmented 88° top blade.

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ZDMT Steel Press Bending Machine

Model: ZDP-12540 ( WC67Y-125/4000 )

Control system: E21 NC controller

Basic features for steel press bending machine

• Total steel welded structure and stress elimination by vibration

• High mechanical strength and strong rigidity

• Ram stroke hydraulic approaching downward,stable and reliable

backgauge of machine

• E21 can control the movement of ram stroke and backgauge,achieving efficient and highly precise positioning


• Wedge compensation on top punch clamping

• Simplified top blades clamping with micro-adjustment wedges,for easy operation and high precision

clamps for press brake

• 2 Sliding front sheet support arms mounted onto T slot of the bed

• Segmented 88° top blade 

• Solid one block four face multi V die

tools for bending machine

• Emergency stop buttons placed on control panel and foot switch, ensuring safety

• Metal safety guard around the whole machine ensuring operator safety

Optional elements for steel press bending machine

Light curtain/ Laser curtain for personal saftey, especially to protect the fingers

bender options 1.jpg

bender options 2 AKAS-AKFH.jpg

Compensation table for anti-deflection (wedge screw type) (linear type)

bender options 3.jpg

bender options 4.jpg

Quick clamping (type1)(type2)

bender options 5.jpg

bender options 6.jpg

Vertically movable stop fingers for special bending purpose

vertial movable stop fingers.jpg

Nylon front support arm

Nylon front support.jpg

Customized specially tools for users' individul production

special tools.jpg

Ball screw and slick rod for fast and precise backgauge transmission

ball screw and slick rod transmission.jpg

General optional elements for steel press bending machine





Oil pump

oil pump.jpg

CNC controllers

CNC controller for bending machine.jpg

Factories and workshops

factory and workshop



certificates 2

Customers,agents and friends

customers and friends 1

customers and friends 2

Professional machine loading in ZDMT factory

loading machine in ZDMT factory.jpg

Transportation of ZDMT machine & final applications

transportation of ZDMT machine & final applications .jpg

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