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6*4000mm CNC Guillotine Shear

The model of this 6*4000mm cnc guillotine shear is ZDGK-640 ( QC11K-6X4000 ),Advanced generation of hydraulic plate shear;Structure of three pairs of rail and trolley eliminates the bearing clearance so as to improve shearing results.

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ZDMT 6*4000mm CNC Guillotine Shear

Model: ZDGK-640 ( QC11K-6X4000 )

Control system: E200 CNC

Basic features for 6*4000mm cnc guillotine shear

• Advanced generation of hydraulic plate shear

• Total steel welded structure,stress eliminated to ensure necessary rigidity and reliability

back gauge of machine.jpg

• Structure of three pairs of rail and trolley eliminates the bearing clearance so as to improve shearing results

3-point trolley structure.jpg

• As the second generation of shearing machine,guillotine shear keeps the advantage of cold working as well as it have more special features:in accord with metal sheet of various thickness,rake angle is adjustable to attain best performance of machine


• Blade with four cutting edge to achieve longer life span

quality blades.jpg

• Hand wheel blades gap adjustment with indicator,rapid,convenient and accurate

• Adjustable rake angle to reduce the distortion and deformation of the metal sheet

• Inchlining structure of the upper blade holder for easy blanking and high cutting precision

• Top blade could be adjusted to work for full stroke or shorter ones

• Customized power connection voltage, such as 3phase, 220V, 60Hz in South Ameirca,etc

customized voltage for local power connection

Optional elements for 6*4000mm cnc guillotine shear

Cut piece sliding slope

cut piece sliding slope

Light curtain for fingers safety

light curtain for personnel security

Wind turbine coolant

wind turbine coolant

General optional elements for 6*4000mm cnc guillotine shear

Oil pump

sumitomo pump

CNC controllers


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