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8*6000mm Hydraulic Shearing Machine

The model of this 8*6000mm hydraulic shearing machine is ZDS-860 ( QC12Y-8X6000 ),E21s control the backgauge position and count the cutting time;Hydraulically driven blade holder, retracted by cylinder accumulator, convenient, reliable and elegant.

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ZDMT 8*6000mm Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Model: ZDS-860 ( QC12Y-8X6000 )

Control system: E21S NC

Basic features for 8*6000mm hydraulic shearing machine

• Steel welded structure with stress-free for reliable performance


• Hydraulically driven blade holder, retracted by cylinder accumulator, convenient, reliable and elegant

• E21s control the backgauge position and count the cutting time


• Motorized back gauge installed with ball screw and slick rod for high precision

Ball screw and slick rod.jpg

• Indicator-based adjustment of blades clearance is easy, convenient and swift

• Top blade with 2 cutting edges bottom blade with 4 cutting edges to provide a longer life span and reducing down time

• Blades with high tensile strength for cutting carbon steel and stainless steel

• Full or short stroke adjustment of blade holder to achieve high efficiency and productivity

• Shadow line lighting,

• Foot switch for operation with emergency stop 

• Transfer balls on table and front support arms for easy feeding

• Fence guard for body safety

Ball worktable.jpg

• 3 Emergency stops on machine and foot switch, ensuring labor safety at every place

• Hydraulics of reputable brand is used for reliability

Hydraulic system.jpg

• Cutomized power connection voltage, such as 3phase, 220V, 60Hz in South Ameirca,etc


8*6000mm hydraulic shearing machine optional elements

Cut piece sliding slope

Cut piece sliding slope.jpg

Light curtain for fingers safety

Light curtain.jpg

General optional elements for 8*6000mm hydraulic shearing machine





Oil pump

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