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DA58T Synchronized CNC Press Brake ZDPE-10032(WE67K-100/3200)

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ZDMT Synchronized CNC Press Brake

Model no. ZDPE-10032 with DA58T DELEM cnc system (WE67K-100/3200)

CNC system: DA58-T 

ZDPE-10032 DA58T cnc press brake

ZDPE-10032 DA58Tstock machines

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Basic Features of ZDMT Synchro CNC Press Brakes:

● Robust and strong steel welded structure, with vibratory stress relieving

● Stably and reliably hydraulic upper-drive

● Excellent off-center bending, i.e. sheet metal can be bend at everywhere of die, no need on the middle and working capacity

ZDPE-10032 DA58T rear side

● 3-8 axis for smart and automatic working steps

X - back gauge moving front-back

Y1 - servo proportional valve controlled hydraulic cylinder (left)

Y2 - servo proportional valve controlled hydraulic cylinder (right)

Z1 - 1st finger stopper moves laterally

Z2 - 2nd finger stopper moves laterally

X5 - one finger stopper moves back and front based on backgauge beam

R - backgauge beam(including the two finger stoppers) move up and down

C - crowning system for table compensation to anti-deflection

multi axes press brake


● DELEM CNC system DA58T controls the 3 axes to move automatically to achieve high efficiency and precision.

DA58T touch screen controller


DA-58T- 2D Compact 4-Axis CNC System for Press Brake


Main features:

● 15" TFT color LCD display, 1024X768 pixels

● 2D graphical touch screen programming

● Bend sequence calculation

● Servo and frequency inverter control

● Advanced Y-axis control algorithms for closed-loop as well as open-loop valves

● Storage capacity 1GB

● USB flash memory drive(data backup via USB)

● Integrated valve amplifier

● Power-down memorization

● Max 4+1 axes control (X, Y1, Y2, C or R plus crowning)

● Parameter programming in one page

● Crowning control (compensation for table deflection)

● Tool library 30 punches/60 dies

● Inch/mm selection

● Built-in PLC

● Multi language

● Panel based housing


● Left cylinder and right cylinder are servo hydraulically synchronized by proportional valve; they can be controlled at random point within a stroke;achieving a repetition accuracy of ±0.01 and parallelism of 0.02.

● Rexroth Hydraulics

● Parallelism of Y1 and Y2 is ensured by the double –closed loop system.

Sealed linear encoders/Heidenhain (German) on both C-frame feed back the ram position of Y1 and Y2 to CNC DA52, then the CNC will give precise and efficient command to synchronous valves.

Heidenhain encoder

● Whole set of integrated backgauge system from supplier who also supplies the Suzhou Accurpress, ensuring the assembling precision.

integrated backgauge system

● Special tools for CNC press brake (other customized tools are available)

cnc press brake tools


● Quick releasing clamps for high efficiency    

● 2 Front support arms on work table for easy feeding and its Nylon material ensuring plate protection from scratch

nylon press brake support arm

● Schneider electrics 

electric box with schneider            

● Seamless steel pipe of high rigidity for the hydraulic oil circuit

● Taiwan Dingzing sealing rings

● Footswitch from professional supplier, portable and smart, with emergency stop

foot switch with emergency stop

● Front plate support shaft of Nylon material for avoiding scratch to plate bended

● Oil tank with convex polygon shape

convex polygon shape

• One emergency stop button placed on control panel, one on foot switch and one on electric cabinet for safety

● Side and rear fence guard keep operator in safety


Optional Accessories for Plate Sheet Bending Machine 

Laser curtain of FIESSLER brand/ Laser curtain of LNTECH brand for personal saftey, especially to protect the fingers. 

FIESSLIER laser protection AKAS-AKFH.jpg

LNTECH later curtain protection

Specially customized press brake tool upon request by users

customized tools

General optional elements for bender 

sumitomo oil pumps

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