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ZDMT synchro hydraulic cnc press brake ZDPE-10032 (WE67K-100/3200)

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ZDMT ZDPE series ( WE67K series )synchro hydraulic cnc press brake / bending machine

Model: ZDPE 10032 ( WE67K-100/3200 )

CNC controller: DA65W

Basic features

• Advanced proportional valve controls the hydraulic cylinders to work synchronously and achieve precise repeatability performance

• Be capable of be controlled at random point within the stroke

• Repeatability precision +/-0.01mm,parallelism precision +/-0.02mm

• Deflection compensation table or crowning system for high precision

• Holland Delem DA65W CNC together with linear encoder,Bosch-Rexroth valves,servo motors and other famous brand elements to ensure excellent performance


• Quick clamps is for easy operation of removing and changing upper punch tools

quick clamps

• Nylon material is used for front support to avoid scractch of sheets and improve the bending process

Nylon front support arms

• Ram stroke (Y1,Y2) and backgauge (X,R,Z) are controlled by CNC

• Backgauge installed with ball screw and linear guide rail,ensuring high accuracy of repetition

Servo backgauge

• Stop fingers is sliding on linear rail for easy adjustment and high efficiency

finger of backgauge

• Multi-axis CNC controlled synchronous press brake available as metal sheet fabricating center

Optional elements for plate bending machine

Light curtain/ Laser curtain for personal saftey, especially to protect the fingers

light curtain 1.jpg

light curtain 2.jpg

Compensation table for anti-deflection (wedge screw type) (linear type)

crowning 1.jpg

crowning 2.jpg

Customized specially tools for users' individul production

special tools.jpg

General optional elements for plate bender





Oil pump

oil pump.jpg

CNC controllers

CNC controller for bending machine.jpg

Factories and workshops

factory and workshop



certificates 2

Customers,agents and friends

customers and friends 1

customers and friends 2

Professional machine loading in ZDMT factory

loading machine in ZDMT factory.jpg

Transportation of ZDMT machine & final applications

transportation of ZDMT machine & final applications .jpg

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