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UPDATED BEST COUPLE: ZDMT SYCHRONIZED CNC Press Brake with CNC System DA58T from Holland Delem Company

The latest updated Press Brake CNC control system by Holland Delem company is that DA58T with 15'' TFT color touch screen and 2D graphical touch screen programming, which will enables quick products programming and actual production with optimized ergonomics. It is standard for 4+1 axes controlling, including left cylinder(Y1), right cylidner(Y2), back gauge(X), backgauge(R or Z) and the crowning system for worktable compensation. 

The DA-58T offers 2D programming including automatic bend sequence calculation and collision detection. Regarding to this function, for the users who are ever experienced with bending production, they must be impressed by it. Meanwhile, for the ones who are lacking of bending production experience, this function is much important( necessary! if fund avaialbe). 

Soon, one of the ZDMT Synchronized Press Brake with this system will be finished. DA58T, the companct CNC system that only with the essential function, really matches the simple but advanced design and cost saving system of ZDMT. There must be the spark between ZDMT synchro CNC press brake and DA58T for permenant solution. 

If we compare the DELEM CNC systems as the APPLE phones, it must be as the 6s. No white elephant, no much cooling but for practical production, just for your production. Welcome to contact us for more or come to see it. (Note: the sample machine may be sold out without notice.)

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