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Heavy Duty Machine Tools Delivered to Middle East

    On 20th Dec., there are two heavy-duty ZDMT machine tools loaded and will be delivered to Middle East by sea. 

    The too machines are WC67K-500/4000 with DA41 and QC11K-16×4000 with E200. They weigh separately 31tons and 20tons, while the overall dimension extremely exceeds the general containers’. 

    It is normal to deliver such two heavy duty machines in China by truck, but for ship transportation, it is totally different. As there is more risks for shipment and the huge machine can only be loaded on flat rack, it will be strict to the packing and bundling. 

    However, after successfully loading heavy duty machines for many times, everything goes smoothly this time. Lifting, location, packing and bundling goes in sequence. One more time, ZDMT heavy duty machine tools are set out to shipping and to serve the users in Middle East.

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